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Creating better outcomes for consultants working in the coal face employment services

The Employment Advantage program

The Ready Match Place Program

  1. Define job placement within employment services

  2. Recognise one crucial placement mistake

  3. Identify three methods of job placement and ascertain the advantages and disadvantage of each

  4. Acknowledge job placement as a learned skill

  5. Develop a placement attitude

  6. Recognise job readiness

  7. Interpret your client’s position and intent

  8. Acknowledge cultural diversity in placement activities

  9. Evaluate the need for motivational interviewing or referral to other services

  10. Identify a job title that fits

  11. Prepare your marketing material

  12. Prepare your client for work      

  13. Apply research for good matches and make a list

  14. Call matched employers

  15. Overcome rejection

  16. Handle objections effectively

  17. Close a placement

  18. Identify practical measures to ensure sustainability