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Reverse Marketing

Creating better outcomes for employment consultants and their job seekers

About the Program

Our online Reverse Marketing program consists of PodLearns, access to our unique Job Readiness Gizmo and our expert job placement Mentors

Our PodLearn platform offers a convenient means of improving participants capabilities for increasing placements. Accessible via smartphones or computers, our PodLearn gives access to audio files allowing users to engage in learning during commutes, in the office or leisurely strolls outdoors.

Our innovative job readiness gizmo facilitates swift evaluations of a job seeker's preparedness for employment, coupled with actionable guidance for further steps.

Should challenges arise during client interactions, our team stands ready to provide personalised support. Our placement support mentors offer confidential assistance tailored to addressing specific concerns encountered in aiding job seekers, ensuring seamless progression towards successful placements.


Natalia New Photo.png

Natalia Josephs has placed thousands of people into employment both as a private placement consultant and a trainer. She has had particular success, and is considered an expert, at matching and placing people with barriers to work into sustainable employment.

With over 20 years experience and thousands of successful and sustainable placements we believe our programs and resources offer the expertise placement consultants need to increase their placement targets.

Our secret sauce is the basis of our proven success ...


We believe that associating the skill of 'selling' with placement can drive placements that fail to sustain.


"We do not believe that people are 'things' that should be 'sold' to employers.

- Natalia Josephs   

Our fundamental values revolve around ensuring job readiness, aligning job titles effectively, and facilitating excellent employer matches via precise and readily accessible research methodologies.

Our programs are tailored to increase placement success and sustainability while alleviating placement-related stress.

Our training and resources are effective because they centre on our secret sauce: cultivating job readiness, pairing job seekers with well-matched employers, and remaining objective whilst ultimately placing job seekers with these employers - Ready, Match, Place.

  • What does it cost to put a program online?
    Putting training programs online is relatively easy. Cost will depend on the complexity of the material and the style of presentation – for example videos, animation, talk/text or simply text. There are many Learning Management Systems (LMS) now available that can sit behind a front-end Webpage. These may be a pay by use (each time a student logs on you pay a fee) or a monthly payment to an LMS management organisation with unlimited usage or a combination of both. Simple videos made on a home computer with audio and then uploaded on to a learning management system, paid for monthly with an unlimited participant usage package, can be one way of delivering an online program. Alternatively videos can simply be uploaded and then delivered through a payment portal without questionnaires or certificates. This avoids the need for an LMS. The cost of creating, installing and maintaining a program online can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the system and whether there is interaction between the trainer and the participant or it is simply a self-paced learning platform with little no interaction with trainers. This is called SAS (Software as a Service). As previously mentioned it will also depend on whether an LMS is used or ‘How to’ videos are simply uploaded on to a webpage and access is provided after payment. Depending on the time involved in creating an online program IMPOWRD can create simple online programs for as little as $5000 (+GST). You would then upload these to your LMS or onto your own website after creating a payment portal. We recommend you engage with an IT expert in the area of LMS who can upload your materials and maintain your site if you are not technologically minded, or you do not have the time to create and maintain the system yourself. Alternatively you can upload and maintain your own program to the LMS that best suits your budget and training requirements.
  • What makes an online training program successful?
    Successful online programs provide learning material that is engaging and on a subject that will be of enough interest to enough people to pay money to gain access to it. Simply creating a ‘how to’ training video and then asking people to pay for it may not work mainly because basic ‘How to’ videos are available on almost every subject on YouTube free. Learners have become far more discerning in their requirement for being ‘entertained’ while learning. Your program must be relevant and in an entertaining style, that will keep the learner engaged, while making them feel they are learning something that will benefit them in some way. The most successful training programs focus on one subject, divided into short segments in a contextual lineal manner. This means the material is presented in a way that builds knowledge as it moves forward in short, clear and easy to understand lesson formats. The style of learning is important as well. Video lessons where someone stands or sits in one spot talking about a subject for 15 minutes generally won’t work, unless the person is a world renowned expert and the material is extremely relevant to the learner. For example, Jack Smith from a small ice cream business talking about leadership, does not have the same pull as Richard Branson talking on the same subject. Long, rambling, complex lessons by an unknown about a subject that is freely available on many other platforms by recognised experts will probably be overlooked, unless the presenter is prepared to spend large amounts of time and money on marketing and even then, success is not assured.
  • Who is qualified to create an online program?
    Anyone with specific expertise can create an online program. Credibility is usually assessed by learners via qualifications and/or previous experience, reputation and testimonials.
  • How do I start creating my online program?
    Firstly, do your research. What is your subject matter? How many other programs are out there offering similar material to what you have in mind? How are they presenting their material? And remember, just because someone has created a training program on a subject doesn’t mean yours can’t work. Is there some aspect within a broader subject that you have specific expertise in? For example, cake making might be a broad subject of learning. But perhaps an area such as ‘cakes that are good for you’ or ‘organic cake making’ or ‘making cakes for diabetics’, might gain a niche audience prepared to pay to learn from you. Some successful online trainers have started with a niche market and then branched back into the broader subject matter when they have an audience already. So perhaps the first step is to decide on your specific area of expertise. You should then complete your research to see what is available online already. You may also wish to look at the fees being charged and if there are any free learning information on other platforms. How is the other material being presented? You may even wish to undertake a few programs on your subject matter to see how others are presenting their material. You can then create an outline of your program and start writing your script.
  • What can I expect from the team at IMPOWRD?
    The team at Impowrd will provide you with a guide to assist you organise your material or the team at IMPOWRD can take your material and organise it into an easy to understand program. They can then provide you with scripts for you to record or organise voice overs for you. They will then use those recordings to create synchronised visual material to create an online format. This can be completed using animation, words, videos or a combination of styles. All material developed by IMPOWRD and paid for by you remains yours. The copyrighted learning information material is yours. However, any animated images created by our team of animators remain the property of IMPOWRD, you do not own these images ever, and using them in any other way, other than the original program, is a breach of copyright. If you wish to use videos of yourself, we can guide you and assist you to do this. All other images and videos are used from legitimate sources without breaches of copyright. IMPOWRD charges a basic fee of $1,000 (+GST) to provide a basic process outline and suggested format and quote for a specific project. This is then used as a credit on the confirmed go ahead of the project. We ask for 50% of the quoted amount on commencement.
  • I would like to put my program online. How long will it take?
    IMPOWRD will provide you with a timeline of completion as part of your first step in the process, the basic process outline, as discussed in point 5, 'What can I expect from the team at IMPOWRD.'
  • How do I start the process with IMPOWRD?
    Your first step is to contact the friendly staff at IMPOWRD. You can do this via an online application process where you can outline your project and submit a request for either an online or face to face meeting.

Ready. Match. Place. 

What you will learn:

  1. Think more objectively when facing placement obstacles

  2. Utilise thinking techniques that are less emotional and more productive

  3. Define job placement within employment service

  4. Recognise one crucial placement mistake

  5. Identify three methods of job placement and ascertain the advantages and disadvantage of each

  6. Acknowledge job placement as a learned skill

  7. Develop a placement attitude

  8. Recognise job readiness

  9. Interpret your client’s position and intent

  10. Acknowledge cultural diversity in placement activities

  11. Evaluate the need for motivational interviewing or referral to other services

  12. Identify a job title that fits

  13. Prepare your marketing material

  14. Prepare your client for work      

  15. Apply research for good matches and make a list

  16. Call matched employers

  17. Overcome rejection

  18. Handle objections effectively

  19. Close a placement

  20. Identify practical measures to ensure sustainability​


What's included in the package:

Access to the Reverse Marketing package for 30 days, comprising of:

1. The Ready Match Place PodLearn*

2. The Critical Thinking PodLearn*

3. Our unique job readiness gizmo​

4. Email support with our placement mentors**

Each consultant needs one login to access the Reverse Marketing program. Individual login access cannot be purchased - the minimum purchase is for 10 consultants.


Keen to know how our audio lessons sound? Listen to the introductions of both the Critical Thinking and Ready Match Place programs taken directly from the PodLearns.

Critical ThinkingIntroductionIntroduction
00:00 / 01:49
Ready Match PlaceIntroduction
00:00 / 04:42

Additional Services available after completion of the online Reverse Marketing package:

1. Site specific zoom sessions with Natalia to continue with placement mentor support. Contact us for further information and pricing.

2. Continued access to our job readiness gizmo (yearly subscriptions available on request).

* A PodLearn consists of audio lessons, cheat sheets and a short completion quiz.

** Support with our placement mentors is available for 10 business days following receival of your completion certificate.

Reverse Marketing Program Pricing
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
“Natalia Josephs provided me with industry leading training that l use day to day in my role as Senior Employment consultant. Using the techniques learned during Natalia's workshop, I have placed several hundred people within a short period of time. I highly recommend Natalia to provide the training for your organization to ensure increased Employment Outcomes. Equally importantly Natalia is one of the most warm caring people that demands your attention through her integrity, confidence and professional demeanor. ”
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