Transforming your program for the online market

Training Program Development

Here at Impowrd we know you have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world!


GIA – Global Industry Analysts research found that Corporate training is a $200 billion dollar industry and e-learning represents $56.2 billion of this. 

Online or e-learning is one of the fastest growing markets in education and training

With lifelong learning and an attitude of continuous improvement in work and life, online training programs that are relevant, engaging and cost effective create ongoing passive incomes. 


Online learning can reach bigger audiences at a lower cost than face to face training, and you can be making money while you sleep. With online learning you can be sharing your knowledge 24/7 with very little effort once it is set up. You can incorporate an online payment platform and an online help desk where people can email you if they need assistance or find answers on online forums. 


You will need to create awareness of your program using simple and cost effective marketing strategies, and you may wish to support your online program with webinars and speaking tours. One thing is for sure – implemented correctly, your knowledge can make you money and help a lot of people.    

With nearly two decades of writing and developing training programs for Australian and international organisations, Impowrd has the creativity, the knowledge and the expertise to help you make it happen.

  • We can create animated, video and static programs according to the information you provide.


  • We can take your information and put into a logical learning sequence.  


  • We can assist you to create questionnaires and activity sheets - in fact our friendly and helpful experts can make the transition from face to face to online happen for you effortlessly and economically. You can be reaching a bigger audience and creating a great passive income.