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Natalia J
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Natalia Josephs

Managing Director

With nearly two decades in the area of education and employment, Natalia’s area of expertise is social intelligence and the role it plays in human health and well-being, particularly in an individual’s ability to access and maintain the employment of their choice.

Her employment placement techniques are recognised and used by employment consultants around Australia and her schools programs are recognised internationally as assisting young people to learn social and workplace interaction skills that last a lifetime.

Madeline S
Madeline Sacks.jpg

Madeline Sacks

General Manager

Madeline studied International Business at RMIT University, majoring in Marketing and Management. She moved from Melbourne to Perth in 2012 to work in events management for a major sporting stadium. 

She founded Poppin Cork Events to assist small businesses in delivering memorable event experiences as well to implement comprehensive brand and marketing strategies.

Madeline joined the Impowrd family in 2018 as the Marketing Specialist and recently became the General Manager. She is a key driver of positive change within the company and is working to expand Impowrd's reach Nationally as well as increasing the online program portfolio. ​

Niall R

Niall Richardson, MA, MBA, PhD

Program Specialist

For over 30 years Dr. Niall Richardson has worked in the areas of employment, education, and welfare, including involvement in the development of training courses specifically for young people and the workplace.


Speaking French and Italian fluently Dr Richardson, has worked in secondary education in France.  He has also worked in several senior administrative roles in various Australian universities and the Australian Public Service.  His work in the APS focussed in managing portfolios with substantial budgets responsible for people seeking welfare assistance in regional areas.


In 2003 Dr Richardson joined Impowrd to use his experience to assist the Managing Director to research, develop and accredit a number of training programs focussed on the area of employment and social skills, specifically designed for young people entering the workforce.

In 2010 Dr. Richardson sought a change and entered the Human Services field, where his focus shifted to the assistance of people experiencing a range of complex issues, involving physical and mental health, homelessness, financial stress, alcohol and drug issues, family and domestic violence, and legal matters.

In 2018 he renewed his contract with Impowrd Pty Ltd, to once again work directly with the Managing Director to assist in the further research and development of online training programs relating to education, employment and social intelligence, specifically for young people leaving school.  

John P
John Poynton.webp

John Poynton

Animation Specialist

John joined Impowrd when he was still at school as part of a work experience program. He was placed into an office administration role assisting the MD, Natalia Josephs.

While working in this role she noticed John's drawing pad on his desk and was impressed by his sketches. She began tasking him with small graphic design roles to further develop his natural skill. When he left school he stayed on with Impowrd as a junior graphic artist.

After 12 months in this role Natalia suggested he apply for the new SAE Institute Animation Degree. In December 2016 John graduated with a BA in Animation and is now working full time with Impowrd as their animator and artist.

John comes from a large family and enjoys computer games and animated movies in his spare time.

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