Teaching young people how to thrive in the job market

The Employment Advantage Program


Module 1: Develop Optimism and Motivation in Job Search

Introduction to module One:

  1. Recognise the importance of research

  2. Analyse personal skills & qualities

  3. Describe and sell personal skills & qualities

  4. Transfer personal skills & qualities

  5. Find a job title that fits

  6. Remain motivated in the face of rejection

  7. Apply techniques for overcoming obstacles

Module 2: Enhance Personal Presentation and Interview Attire Skills

Introduction to Module Two

  1. Create positive first impressions

  2. Identify contemporary workplace dress codes

Module 3: Create Work Prospects Introduction to Module Three

  1. Identify sources of employment

  2. Utilise multiple job search methods

  3. Utilise confident telephone techniques

Module 4: Get the Job You Want

Introduction to Module Four

  1. Interpret, value and utilise key words

  2. Create a professional resume

  3. Identify and access useful referees

  4. Deconstruct a job advertisement

  5. Create effective letters of application and introduction

  6. Analyse and utilise the behavioural assessment process

  7. Answer behavioural questions effectively

  8. Create effective responses to selection criteria

  9. Apply successful interview techniques

Module 5: Develop and Apply a Positive Work Ethic

Introduction to Module Five

  1. Maintain motivation and focus at work

  2. Create and maintain effective work habits and routines

  3. Think like an employer



How long does the Employment Advantage program take to complete?

The Employment Advantage has five modules and each of these modules has a varying number of lessons within them. The total video time is around 4 hours. Each animated video varies from as little as 4 minutes and as long as 20 minutes. How long a lesson takes to complete is based on the length of the animated video plus how long it takes to download the lesson summary and then correctly answer the questions in the short test that follows each lesson. There are end of module tests and a final exam when all the lessons have been completed which will also take time to do. There is an offline assignment which students are required to complete and hand to their teacher. Some students have independently completed the program over an intensive focus period of a week whereas other students prefer to do only one or two lessons in a week in private study or class time.

Is there any marking for teachers to complete?

The program is self contained and self paced. All quizzes, tests and exams are marked by artificial intelligence. The examination system is extremely robust to ensure the standard of learning is maintained. There are additional activity sheets available to teachers in the lounge. These can be downloaded and handed to students as required. The marking sheets are provided to all teachers to cross check their answers. A cover letter and resume template is to be downloaded by each student to complete before the final exam where teachers may be required for assistance to complete.

How much does the program cost for a school to buy?

There are a number of packages that schools can purchase. These can be found HERE. For single logins, the fees are $75.00 each, but school licences can mean a student can gain access for as little as $9.50. We do have special offers from time to time so when you call our friendly sales team you can ask about these.

Is the program endorsed or accredited?

The Employment Advantage program is endorsed for one unit on the WA Certificate of Education. This equates to 5 whole points. Students can redeem these points by presenting their certificate of completion to their teacher and the teacher sends the unique security code to the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority to be redeemed and appear on their Certificate of Education. The Employment Advantage Program also fits neatly into the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, a framework for designing, implementing and evaluating career development programs for young people and adults. For example, PHASE IV 1.4 Improve abilities to maintain a positive self-concept, would fit into the first module of the Employment Advantage. The Australian Blueprint for Career Development can be found on their website. Educators can find the Competencies and relate them to the breakdown outline of the Employment Advantage program found HERE.

If a career educator wanted to add class activities to the program delivery are these available?

The Employment Advantage Program has a Teacher's Lounge now available where you can access free resources. These resources can extend the online program by providing fun classroom activities. These activities will be delivered in PDF's that have activities for individual or group work. They can be used as 'homework' or in a classroom situation. To sign up to the Teacher's Lounge, click HERE. The team at Impowrd is also developing a practical board game called Boom or Bust which will be available to buy late 2020. In this game students experience being an employer. This board game can be played in the classroom with groups of up to five. Consumables such as play money and gold stars will be able to be re-purchased separately when damaged.

Who uses the Employment Advantage?

The Employment Advantage program is used by schools and employment services around Australia to increase the knowledge of the process of finding a job.

What are the benefits of using this program as opposed to other available information?

The program is contextual, meaning it is delivered in a specific order of learning so students gradually develop an all-round knowledge of what to expect when looking for work. It also develops an understanding of how to optimise opportunities for success in the job market. There is a plethora of random information on the internet about how to create a resume and a covering letter, how to identify personal skills and personal qualities and how to attend an interview. But much of this information is delivered piecemeal in a variety of ways in a subjective manner with no information on the 'whys' in context. What the Employment Advantage program does is to make sense of the WHOLE process - rather than bits here and there.

How long has this program been assisting people to find work?

The Employment Advantage was first developed nearly two decades ago and trialled on a wide variety of subject in a face to face version. The results were nothing short of phenomenal. People who had lost all hope of finding work were suddenly gaining interviews and getting employed. Natalia Josephs who created the program realised there was a knowledge gap. In 2006, after 7 years of continuous face to face delivery and upgrades, the program was put online in its first version. The animated version you see today is a recently updated version and in fact the fourth online version since 2006. The program receives many accolades from participants and educators who find the ease of delivery and the quality of the information extremely valuable when seeking work.

How long do I have to complete the program?

You have 12 months from the date you enroll to complete the Employment Advantage program.

I have forgotten my password

You can reset your password by following this LINK. If you do not receive the password reset email, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. You incorrectly typed your email into the above link
  2. You created your account and the email entered was typed incorrectly
Option 1 - retype your email into the above link and reset your password. Option 2 - contact customerservice@impowrd.com.au and ask us to look into the issue for you.



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