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Teaching young people how to thrive in the job market

The Employment Advantage Program


Module 1: Develop Optimism and Motivation in Job Search

Introduction to module One:

  1. Recognise the importance of research

  2. Analyse personal skills & qualities

  3. Describe and sell personal skills & qualities

  4. Transfer personal skills & qualities

  5. Find a job title that fits

  6. Remain motivated in the face of rejection

  7. Apply techniques for overcoming obstacles

Module 2: Enhance Personal Presentation and Interview Attire Skills

Introduction to Module Two

  1. Create positive first impressions

  2. Identify contemporary workplace dress codes

Module 3: Create Work Prospects Introduction to Module Three

  1. Identify sources of employment

  2. Utilise multiple job search methods

  3. Utilise confident telephone techniques

Module 4: Get the Job You Want

Introduction to Module Four

  1. Interpret, value and utilise key words

  2. Create a professional resume

  3. Identify and access useful referees

  4. Deconstruct a job advertisement

  5. Create effective letters of application and introduction

  6. Analyse and utilise the behavioural assessment process

  7. Answer behavioural questions effectively

  8. Create effective responses to selection criteria

  9. Apply successful interview techniques

Module 5: Develop and Apply a Positive Work Ethic

Introduction to Module Five

  1. Maintain motivation and focus at work

  2. Create and maintain effective work habits and routines

  3. Think like an employer



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