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Creating better outcomes for consultants working in employment services

About the Ready Match Place Program


Developed by Natalia Josephs, the Ready Match Place program utilises proven techniques to assist employment services consultants to place more people into sustainable work. 


With nearly two decades in the area of education and employment, Natalia

       Joseph’s (MD of Impowrd) area of expertise is social intelligence and the role

         it plays in human health and well-being, particularly in an individual’s ability to access and maintain the employment of their choice.

         Natalia has placed over 3,500 people with barriers to employment into

         sustainable work. Her employment placement techniques are recognised

   and used by employment consultants around Australia. In these webinars she shares crucial knowledge that can assist consultants to improve their confidence when interacting with their job seekers, and the employers who may be able to provide them with work.

The breakdown of the Ready Match Place program is as follows:

  1. Define job placement within employment services

  2. Recognise one crucial placement mistake

  3. Identify three methods of job placement and ascertain the advantages and disadvantage of each

  4. Acknowledge job placement as a learned skill

  5. Develop a placement attitude

  6. Recognise job readiness

  7. Interpret your client’s position and intent

  8. Acknowledge cultural diversity in placement activities

  9. Evaluate the need for motivational interviewing or referral to other services

  10. Identify a job title that fits

  11. Prepare your marketing material

  12. Prepare your client for work      

  13. Apply research for good matches and make a list

  14. Call matched employers

  15. Overcome rejection

  16. Handle objections effectively

  17. Close a placement

  18. Identify practical measures to ensure sustainability​

Prerequisites: We include access to our Critical Thinking online program that must be completed in conjunction with our Ready Match Place online program. This is because we need our consultants to understand how to think in a non emotive way when assessing and assisting their clients.

Additional Services: When both the Critical Thinking and Ready Match Place programs are completed, we can organise additional face to face sessions via Zoom with Natalia, to further discuss placement practices to increase success and lessen placement anxiety. Please email for further information.