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Creating better outcomes for consultants working in employment services  

About the Program

Our Ready Match Place program, and its accompanying resources and webinars, are specifically designed to assist busy professional placement consultants learn practical placement skills on the run.  

Our Ready Match Place PodLearn is a great way to listen and learn about how to get more placements on the go. You can access the podlearn modules via your smartphone and listen while travelling to work or taking a well earned walk in the sunshine.

Our unique job readiness gizmo is a world first - it enables you to quickly assess a job seeker's job readiness and even gives you advice on how to proceed.

Our monthly webinars provide additional information and our direct access webinars enable groups to ask questions directly to our resident expert, Natalia Josephs, who can discuss ways to overcome issues with specific job seekers.


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Natalia Josephs has placed thousands of people into employment both as a private placement consultant and a trainer. She has had particular success, and is considered an expert, at matching and placing people with barriers to work into sustainable employment.

With over 20 years experience and thousands of successful and sustainable placements we believe our programs and resources offer the expertise placement consultants need to increase their placement targets.

We believe that associating the skill of 'selling' with placement can drive placements that fail to sustain. We do not believe that people are 'things' that can be 'sold' to employers.   

Our core principles are based on job readiness, job titles and solid matching processes through precise and easily accessible research techniques.

Our programs are designed specifically to increase placement success and sustainability and lessen placement anxiety.  


Our training and resources work because they focus on a formula - establishing job readiness , matching job seekers to employers, and then placing job seekers with those matched employers.


Ready. Match. Place. 

What you will learn:

1. Define job placement within employment services

2. Recognise one crucial placement mistake

3. Identify three methods of job placement and ascertain the advantages and disadvantage of each

4. Acknowledge job placement as a learned skill

5. Develop a placement attitude

6. Recognise job readiness

7. Interpret your client’s position and intent

8. Acknowledge cultural diversity in placement activities

9. Evaluate the need for motivational interviewing or referral to other services

10. Identify a job title that fits

11. Prepare your marketing material

12. Prepare your client for work      

13. Apply research for good matches and make a list

14. Call matched employers

15. Overcome rejection

16. Handle objections effectively

17. Close a placement

18. Identify practical measures to ensure sustainability​


What's included:

Access to the Ready Match Place program for 3 months, comprising of;

  1. PodLearn audio tutorials

  2. Job Readiness Gizmo

  3. Monthly webinar discussing how to overcome common placement obstacles

  4. Email support

Additional Services: When the Ready Match Place program is completed, we can organise additional face to face sessions via Zoom with Natalia, to further discuss placement practices to increase success and lessen placement anxiety.


For more information please call 1300 16 16 53.

With over two decades working in the area of education and employment, Natalia is an expert in the area of social intelligence and the role it plays in human health and well-being, particularly in an individual's ability to access and maintain the employment of their choice. 

 Natalia has placed over 3,500 people with barriers to employment into sustainable work and many more have achieved employment success through her face to face and online placement programs and resources. 



Natalia's employment placement techniques are recognised and used by employment consultants around Australia.  In her training programs, books and webinars she shares essential knowledge that will assist consultants to improve their confidence  when communicating with their job seekers, and the employers who may be able to provide them with work.


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