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Impowrd creates and develops original training programs with a focus on increasing an individual's capacity to succeed both inside and outside the workplace.

Impowrd's programs are unique with long research, development and trial periods. For example the Employment Advantage program has had over 18 years of solid trialling, research and development, with ongoing continuous improvement strategies, to maintain the relevancy, currency and integrity of the information. 

The programs available from Impowrd can be delivered to a range of age groups. From school students in year 10 to 12, to adults seeking information on improving their prospects when undergoing a career change. As well as assisting consultants within the employment services and rehabilitation services, to better support their clients back into work after major life changes.

Empowering people with the skills for workplace success


Developing Social Skills

Developing Social Skills (for the Workplace) is a unique training program designed to advance social intelligence skills in the 13 to 17-year age groups.

Employment Advantage

Teaches young people how to find work and thrive in the job market. 

Ready Match Place

Creating better outcomes for consultants working in the coal face of employment services.

Online Program Development

We can help you get your big idea organised, online and ready for sale.  


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“Loved Nat's teaching methods - very interactive and learned lots from the Ready Match Place Fast Track course that I will change my practice.”